The converter station at Hunterston will convert the direct current (DC) electricity to alternating current (AC) so that it can be used within the existing electricity transmission system.

It will connect via underground and subsea cables to North Wales so electricity can pass between the two locations. In North Wales it will have the same facilities so both AC and DC currents can be converted so it is universally compatible with the electric network.

In 2013 planning permission was  sought and granted by North Ayrshire Council for the converter station and associated substation to be constructed at Goldenberry just behind the current power stations.

The land at Goldenberry was compulsory bought and this resulted in Goldenberry Farm and Cottage being demolished for this new industrial development.

After 200 years of there being a farm here it is no more and part of history has been erased and never to be seen again.  

The converter station is being built behind Hunterston A Station and the new substation is being built behind Hunterston B Station. This substation will be used to switch electricity from AC to DC (or vice versa depending on the direction of operation) for onwards transmission of electricity by two underground AC cables, approximately 500 metres in length.
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